Distributed Gap Cores cutting machine

Unicore transformer

Shenyang KeNuo machines manufacture co.,ltd. situated in Shenyang growth zone,we're State focused high technology mill, state encouraged high technique venture that covered with 28771 square meters, and also construction region 7848 square meter. We're specialized in the alloy sheet cutting gear, and also passed the GB/T9001-2008-ISO9001:2008 quality control system .And grow, collaborate with a few univercity and research component.

Unicore transformer
We developed by ourselves that the item of: Unicore core cutting machine,Silicon steel slitting system ,NC transverse cutting machining swing shearing cutting machine, etc.. We got 5 patents and wined the individual intellectual property rights; the show generates are provincial and Ministerial level in addition to award high technological advancement. We've made Unicore Machine, Unicore Core, chiefly utilized at Unicore transformer.  Performance into AEM firm UCM425 Unicore Machine, center production to AEM Core standard. Low cost: the cost of the organization's gear in contrast to comparable goods lower than the normal cost of 30% -40%. The debut of our gear producers, productivity is a lot greater compared to other processing machines, the above mentioned points sufficient to detonate transformer core cutting edge and reactor core shear processing. In precisely the exact same time we perform exceptional port assistance, cost-effective, timely and rapid shipping.
At the business of transformer core cutting edge, and reactor core cutting and other metal processing, particularly silicon steel shear acquire a high reputation at home and overseas.  To get a high tech and leading firm, technology has become the most essential. We constantly search for excellence in engineering alternatives, create more great functions for clients, and execute a excellent pre-sales and after sales support and maintenance.


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